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In order to encourage young people to Active Citizenship participation, Europe Direct has organized the Youth Parliament of the City of Slavonski Brod session. The session was held on March 19 starting at 11.00 am, in the premises of the Youth Center and was attended by representatives of the Youth Parliament of Slavonski Brod and guests – members of the Youth Council of BPŽ, the Youth Council of Slavonski Brod, the Student Council of Brod-Posavina County, civil society institutions and organizations working with young people and other interested young people.

The session of the Youth Parliament of Slavonski Brod discussed the civil protection system, responsible behavior in crisis situations, protection of human rights, and EU opportunites for youth to be more involeved in deccisson making proces on all leveles and projects, such a Counter Euroscepticism with Your Vote.

Stjepan Bošnjaković, Deputy Prefect of Brod-Posavina County and Chief of the Civil Protection Headquarters of Brod-Posavina County, spoke to the gathered young people about the civil protection system in crisis situations and encouraged them to behave responsibly.

Nataša Kovačević from the Information and Legal Center Slavonski Brod introduced young people to human rights during various crises and warned about the problem of restricting and violating human rights during crisis situations.

Mirjana Matanović, director of the Red Cross Slavonski Brod, emphasized the importance of humanity and solidarity – values that must be nurtured and encouraged to overcome the crisis in which we find ourselves.

Florijan Galić, representative of the Youth Council of Brod-Posavina County spoke about the right of young people to objective, timely and applied information in crisis situation.

Božica Sedlić on behalf of Europe House Slavonski Brod spoke about one of the EC’s priorities for 2021 –  New Push for European Democracy and presented the basic characteristics of active citizenship; experiences and methods by which the level of active participation of citizens in all democratic processes can be increased.

Maja Kuzmić from Europe House Slavonski Brod presented projects in which the Europe House Slavonski Brod participates: Youth Power, Connectivity, Counter Euroscepticism with Your Vote.

After presentations, organized a workshop for members of the Youth Parliament of the City of Slavonski Brod and others present; divided into working groups, to hold European week activities in May 2021.


Gathered young people were informed about the importance of humanity and solidarity, especially in times of crisis, about the importance of temporary measures, but also about the importance of their short duration and the preservation of human rights in crisis situations. Young people were encouraged to take an active part in their community.




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