Competition announcement (from 4/14 to 5/23)

The European Commission declared 2023 the European Year of Skills. On this occasion, Europe Direct Slavonski Brod, which operates under Europe House Slavonski Brod, is organizing the international prize video competition Imam mota!, which is open until May 25!


The past few years have been marked by the pandemic, the war in Ukraine with no end in sight, disruptions in supply chains, the economic and energy crisis, high inflation and rising prices, and despite everything, digital transformation and digitization, turning towards climate neutrality and renewable sources are underway. energy. We are structuring society around artificial intelligence. What kind of world awaits us in the future? Futurologists confront people, companies and industries with the question: What will the world be like in five or ten years, what will be their role and whether they want and can be key stakeholders in society?


And you? What are you doing to secure your workplace in the future? Are you thinking about your future occupation? Will it be needed in society in five or ten years? What have you done or what should you do quickly to acquire the skills that will make you needed in the new, increasingly demanding and fast-changing labor markets? Do you have a “mot”, skills for the job that employers will value. To be on the market, you must first imagine the future, and then start working backwards, start working ‘yesterday’. Start with Back to the Future. Don’t think that you have a lot of time and that you can leave something for ‘tomorrow’, because every day the world is different.


As a society, we are putting technology into everything that holds the promise of the future, from flying cars to cyborgs. We cannot ignore the fact that artificial intelligence has entered the world and will inevitably become a part of our lives. The only question that remains is how we will structure society around artificial intelligence. You don’t need to fear that artificial intelligence will take your job. It will be taken away from you by a person who knows how to use it.


But the real changes are changes in society – the way we work and spend our time, how we behave as citizens, how our values ​​and political priorities change. All this leaves a mark and changes the world. So, even outside the sphere of technology, various skills are needed – curiosity, imagination, creativity, general empathy, human connection, tactile dialogue with another person, the ability to feel the touch of the “other” and to transfer energy. A robot cannot do that.


How to participate in the prize competition?

  1. If you have a skill, a mot in any field of human activities, present it in a short video, lasting up to 30 seconds.
  2. Post a video on your profile on one of the social networks – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.
  3. Send the video to together with your personal data (name, surname, phone number and address) between April 14 and May 25 and win a prize!
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