Easy steps to help your child become a Digital Citizen

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A guide to help you use your experience as a citizen to guide your children on their path towards digital citizenship

Young people today inhabit a world that has been transformed by digital technologies, effortlessly enabling connectedness through social media and access to vast quantities of information. Making sense of this hyper rich information and engaging effectively and responsibly poses a whole set of new challenges for educators as they seek to prepare young people as citizens, exercising their rights and participating effectively in the affairs of the community.

Parents, and “non-tech” grandparents too, can help children become digital citizens! In this guide, we explain some of the easy steps to follow, to help children master what it takes to act responsibly and respectfully online!

Children participate in many different types of digital activities. In order to be as comprehensive as possible, the Council of Europe has subdivided these into ten different areas, or domains, that are broadly grouped into three clusters: Being online, Well-being online, Rights Online.

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